Pawar Play

Jayanta Ghosal

Sharad Pawar, one of India’s wiliest politicians, is getting back at the BJP by putting a wedge in their alliance with the Shiv Sena

Is Nirmala Sitharaman Listening?

She has emerged as the leading spokesperson on economic and financial matters

Rahul Gandhi in Hibernation

His only political activity seems to have been visiting his constituency in Kerala twice after the Lok Sabha election

The Living Democracy

As more and more urban dwellers gravitate towards plants, what does it say about how we experience our spaces?

Animal Spirits

Reading Olga Tokarczuk

Broken Britain

When conservatives throw away the guidebook of tradition

Modi’s Master Stroke

Apologising, after all, is intrinsic to Indian culture

Deaths of BJP Leaders

Fate has been unkind to the BJP, snatching away in quick succession some of its most talented ministers


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