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Wellness Destinations


Rediscover the mojo in your life with an escape to health-focused retreat which sends you back restored, rejuvenated and resilient in both body and soul

Neeleshwar Hermitage Retreat

A jewel of a place to detox and de-stress

Holistic Pathways to Wellness

Shreyas offers a variety of packages, which are individually customised for each guest according to their preferences and level of experience

The Lighthouse of India’s Industrial Dream

Maharashtra capacity to harbour industrial ecosystem coupled with visionary leaders and policymakers that successfully deploy resources in a strategic manner, makes the state a business destination like no other

SDM in Medical Education and Healthcare

SDM Educational Society manages 55 Educational Institutions of repute in the state of Karnataka

Holistic Highways for Health Care

The healing of the mind, body and spirit of man

Cranberries – The Taste of Health

Cranberries are not just any fruit – they are known as America’s Original Superfruit® and are now becoming increasingly popular in India

Lyfepure: Where Purity is Priority

The food that we consume has a major impact on our body, mind and health. As it is well said “As is the food, so is the mind; As is the mind, so are the thoughts; As are the thoughts, so is the conduct; As is the conduct, so is the health.” So basically what goes inside reflects on our outsides

Puressentiel – Efficacy of Nature

The Promise Of Natural And Eco-Responsible Health Solutions through its purest and most “Essential” form

An Agenda for Excellence with Ethics

Director Dr C Joe Arun, SJ shares how students and faculty have quickly adapted to the transformative ways of a digital world to remain relevant for industry and business


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