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The Need of the Hour


Although NEP brings a lot of autonomy, it also brings a lot of responsibility and competition

Transforming B-Schools In India

The impact of NEP 2020 is going to be tremendous on both students and universities across India

Higher education in India

And the game changing trends

Time to Add More Financial Power to She power

A greater involvement in the planning of own and family finances can go a long way in empowering women. Here’s how and why

Health is Wealth

Are you staying healthy?

Make 2020 Your Very Own Year

Even in the backdrop of a major economic slowdown, it is possible to have a financially successful year in 2020. Here’s how

India’s Latest Health Threats

Why the rise? What can we do?

Unravelling the Mystery of Headaches

Un unkown link between the head, muscles , jaws and teeth

MBA gives women an opportunity to get into higher leadership roles

Employers have started recruiting young women as they outperform their male counterparts


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