Cover Story | India Recast: Locomotif

Modi Still Has a Story to Tell

S Prasannarajan S Prasannarajan

He succeeded because he rejected the politics of failure

Cover Story | India Recast

Decolonising the Mind

PR Ramesh

Narendra Modi has given Indians their confidence back

Cover Story | India Recast

Reforms and Resilience

Rajeev Deshpande

The government will not abandon its ambitious spending plans despite inflation and war

Essays | Open Essay

Why BJP Wins the Poor

Dipankar Gupta

It learned from the European experience that status war matters more than class war

Cover Story | India Recast

A Roadmap for the Future

Siddharth Singh

The big leap in infrastructure is a blueprint for the 2024 general election

Features | In Memoriam

“I Am Not a Musician. I Am Only a Medium”
Vikram Zutshi

Shiv Kumar Sharma was a friend, philosopher and guide. A personal tribute by Vikram Zutshi

Cover Story | India Recast

Minds Behind the Momentum
Rajeev Deshpande

They bring perfection to the Modi agenda

Columns | Indian Accents

A 2047 Template
Bibek Debroy

An upper middle-income India is possible in 25 years

Cover Story | India Recast

The Network Nation

Ullekh NP

How digitalisation is driving growth in India

Cover Story | India Recast: Interview: Nitin Gadkari

Soon you will be able to do Delhi-Mumbai in 12 hours, Delhi-Srinagar in 8, says Nitin Gadkari

Amita Shah

The minister for road transport and highways brings passion and an intuitive feel for policy and finance to his job. India is on the cusp of achieving rapid connectivity across major regions and is also promoting new approaches to green fuel, he tells Amita Shah and Siddharth Singh

Columns | Globalsutra

An Endearing Enigma

Pallavi Aiyar

How does one explain India abroad?

Columns | Whisperer

93 and the Good Life

Jayanta Ghosal

Natwar Singh has just turned 93 and he remains his sprightly self

Art & Culture

Myna Mukherjee: The Bridge

Ritika Kochhar

As a curator Myna Mukherjee joins the dots between disparate worlds


Vauhini Vara: The Tech Realist

Aditya Mani Jha

Aditya Mani Jha speaks to Vauhini Vara about her debut novel, a blend of the historical and the satirical


Mountains of the Mind

Shail Desai

When climbing high peaks proves cathartic


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