Columns | Locomotif

A Break from Bleakness

S Prasannarajan S Prasannarajan

When good news is big news

News Briefs | Assembly Elections Result 2023

BJP’s huge win in MP is a big setback to Congress

Rajeev Deshpande

“Modi ki Guarantee” is resonating with voters and CM Shivraj Chouhan’s schemes for women and farm schemes powered BJP to an unprecedented 5th term in office

News Briefs | In Memoriam: Henry Kissinger (1923-2023)

Henry the Last

MJ Akbar

Kissinger reinvented the axis of global equations with breakthrough ideas implemented with breathtaking insouciance

Cover Story | Best B-Schools 2024

Managers for Industry 5.0

Ullekh NP

Business schools need to adapt to the digital revolution

Politics | Manipur

Restoring the Dignity of the Dead

Rajeev Deshpande

The peace accord with UNLF, the oldest Meitei insurgent group in Manipur, and the Supreme Court’s snub to NGOs delaying the burial of victims can help calm the state down

Essays | Open Essay

A Requiem for Hitchhiking
Carlo Pizzati

Missing the long road to trust in today’s world

Features | Technology

Living Dangerously with Deepfakes
Lhendup G Bhutia

From political campaigns, advertisements and scams to creators for hire, the age of AI forgeries is already here


“One of my greatest talents is as an eavesdropper,” says Twinkle Khanna
Nandini Nair

In her new collection of short stories Twinkle Khanna brings her signature wit to weighty themes. The bestselling author tells Open why she is more than Mrs Funnybones

News Briefs | By Special Arrangement with www.shortpost.in

Cong Insulates Gandhis From Rout In Hindi Heartland

Short Post

Columns | Indian Accents

When the Goddess Goes to War

Bibek Debroy

Choose your enemy wisely — and get the right bow


Paths to Liberation

Alka Pande

An aesthetic exploration of Buddhist traditions


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