Cover Story

The Message from the Modi Cabinet

PR Ramesh PR Ramesh , Ullekh NP

The Prime Minister gets ready to work at full tilt with overwhelming support from his allies

Columns | Locomotif

The Nation Strikes Back

S Prasannarajan

It’s the liberals…nervousness

Setting the House In Order

Rajeev Deshpande

As BJP takes stock of its electoral performance, the focus shifts to the selection of the next party president and toning up organisational functioning

Features | Terrorism

The Arc of Terror
Rahul Pandita

A series of localised attacks in Jammu creates fear and uncertainty

Politics | Odisha

The Majhi Moment
Amita Shah

BJP won by positioning itself as the party of Odia pride

Columns | Insider

A Grand Launch

The roads leading to Rashtrapati Bhavan on Sunday evening, June 9, were jammed with vehicles as thousands of attendees made their way to the swearing-in ceremony of Modi 3.0

Columns | Eating Out

The Tipping Point

Bhaichand Patel

Service charge? It’s not as simple as that

Art & Culture | Poetry

Sing It Easy

Divya Naik

Spoken-word poetry has gone mainstream

Columns | Playtime with Boria Majumdar

The Original Game

Boria Majumdar

How baseball came to prevail over cricket in America


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