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‘The idea of empowerment rather than entitlement has gained ground,’ says Nirmala Sitharaman
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‘The idea of empowerment rather than entitlement has gained ground,’ says Nirmala Sitharaman

In conversation with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

03 February 2023
The Mark of Motherhood
The Mark of Motherhood

Heeraba Modi was extraordinary in her simplicity, resilience and capacity for love

06 January 2023
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Hindu High

Reclaiming the nation with Narendra Modi

23 December 2022
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Maximum Modi

The Prime Minister excels while the opposition dithers and shrinks

16 December 2022
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The Modi Alchemy

He is still Hindutva’s flag-bearer and BJP’s winning plank

09 December 2022
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The Limits of the Anti-Modi Plank

Narendra Modi and BJP are in a much stronger position today than in the run-up to 2019 as they head for state elections that will begin the contest for 2024

04 November 2022
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The Flag of Self-Respect

Changing the naval ensign is intrinsic to Narendra Modi’s larger project of removing the last traces of the colonial past

09 September 2022
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AAP: The Unravelling

Delhi’s liquor scam is the biggest but not the only crisis to have hit the AAP government. Across sectors, from education and health to largescale freebies, the Arvind Kejriwal regime faces charges of corruption, some of which even hark back to the early years of the party

26 August 2022
Breaking the Bad

Led from the front by Amit Shah, the government is putting in place a comprehensive and globally connected mechanism to combat drug trafficking

19 August 2022
PM Modi to launch major green initiatives at G20 meet
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The Rediscovery of India

Modi has shown the country how to dream big and believe in itself and that there is no contradiction between owning an ancient civilisational heritage and becoming a 21st century technological power

11 August 2022


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