Mission 370

Rajeev Deshpande

BJP questions the opposition’s credentials and launches a campaign for a record haul of seats centred on Modi’s leadership

The Myths and Reality of a Protest

The demands made by Punjab’s agitating farmers call for nothing less than a total capitulation by the Union government

The Belligerence of Farmers

They are marching from Punjab hoping for another retreat by the Modi government. It may not happen this time

One Nation, One Law

Uttarakhand’s uniform civil code aims to introduce the same provisions for marriage, divorce and succession for all communities and reduce the divisiveness inherent in different personal laws

A Hindu Restoration

The ASI report’s conclusion that a large temple pre-existed the Gyanvapi Mosque has triggered a fresh upsurge of Hindu sentiment after the Ram Mandir

Fatal Attrition

The shaky opposition alliance is as good as dead with its architect joining the ruling coalition at the Centre

Why Nitish Seems Ready to Return to NDA

Bihar CM’s return as JD(U) chief set into motion yet another re-alignment in Patna as Congress’s refusal to consider Kumar for a key role in INDIA alliance irked the party

The Price of a Promise

Congress’ five election guarantees damage Karnataka’s reputation for fiscal prudence

Total Mobilisation

Steered by Modi, BJP’s multi-pronged voter outreach campaign gains momentum

BJP’s huge win in MP is a big setback to Congress

“Modi ki Guarantee” is resonating with voters and CM Shivraj Chouhan’s schemes for women and farm schemes powered BJP to an unprecedented 5th term in office


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