The Body Couturier

Kaveree Bamzai

Bhanu Athaiya started as an artist trained at JJ School of Art but ended her career at 91 as a pioneering costume designer for Hindi cinema. It was a life of remarkable work and incredible beauty

The Endgame in Bastar

Maoists are running out of places to hide

The Return of Sasikala

Her grave-thumping act at Jayalalithaa’s memorial on the Marina before she went to prison in 2017 may turn out to be just optics in the end

Hot Seat

The affable Rajya Sabha deputy chairman finds himself in the midst of a political storm

Pitch Perfect

Musical collaborations across genres make for fine onscreen drama

Andamans: Viral Islands

As Covid-19 threatens ancient Andaman tribes, the choice is between protecting their health and their way of life

Kesavananda Bharati: The Seer Who Dared

Kesavananda Bharati, who died on September 6th, did not win in court, but his 1973 case limited Parliament’s power to amend the Constitution. Indian democracy is indebted to him

Murder Most Foul: Killing Political Rivals In front of Family, Children

The recent murder of a young political worker in Kannur, north Kerala, in the presence of his sisters puts the spotlight on a ghastly tradition of revenge politics


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