Durga’s Rockers

Shaswata Kundu Chaudhuri

In the eighties, a group of Bengali musicians lit up Delhi. Shaswata Kundu Chaudhuri tracks down the original members of Niharika and revels in their original timeless compositions

The Rise of the Insta Grannies

Meet the new social media stars of the pandemic age

Rocket Science

The curious case of fake NASA geniuses

The Low Command

How the Congress leadership has lost its sway over chief ministers

Inside the Millennial Kitchen

Easy fixes and ready-to-cook culinary aids are the flavour of the season

Bhupendra Patel: The New ‘Dada’ of Gujarat

The state’s new chief minister is a politician who has risen through the ranks

The Problem with the Illiberal Label

India remains a democracy and has been so except for a brief period when elections were suspended and fundamental rights curbed across the land

Conceal the Way You Dream

The daily hope and despair have never appeared more vivid and more insignificant, the abstractions of politics never felt this gigantic and remote, and never has religion seemed so weak a palliative

Giving Credit Where It’s Due

How account aggregators will revolutionise FinTech in India

Old Objects, New Stories

Indian museums respond to changing narratives and exacting visitor demands


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