Riding the Surge

Lhendup G Bhutia

The Omicron variant may be mild but India is preparing for its healthcare system to be overwhelmed by the numbers

The Order of Disorder

The Prime Minister’s security breach in Punjab highlights the increasingly extra-parliamentary nature of protest

The Heart: Animal Spirits

A heart transplant from a genetically modified pig to a human opens a new era in medicine

The Telugu Model

There is a sense of “nativity”, which means being culturally grounded

Dignity for All

The changing status of transgenders in India

Beginning of the End?

It might take a good part of the initial months of 2022, but the end of Omicron could also signal the end of the pandemic

Sindhutai Sapkal (1948-2022): Everyone’s Mother

How a woman who was once a beggar became a saviour of orphans

Touch and Go

Apple, BlackBerry and the story of how businesses die

Natural Flair

Two friends come together to create a fashion line that reimagines the human-animal relationship


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