Garden Variety

Swapna Liddle

The past and present of botanical Delhi

Taylor Made

The Indian Swifties are a multiplying force and as passionate as the pop icon’s fans elsewhere

Revelations In Jatland

Can BJP overcome the resentments of the Jat community in Haryana? Siddharth Singh travels across the state to find out

Back to the Family Turf

How safe is the safe seat for Rahul Gandhi? Amita Shah captures the mood in Rae Bareli

Reaping the Rewards

Welfare schemes and improved law and order have consolidated BJP’s social coalition in eastern Uttar Pradesh, reports

The War of the Images

Why the General Election is no longer about competing narratives

A Tale of Two Nominations

Modi’s basket of guarantees and Rahul’s consolation prize

Fall of a Hoarding

The human hand behind disasters wreaked by nature

CHATGPT-4O: Intelligent Future

OpenAI’s all-knowing app shows striking improvements in generating content


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