AG Perarivalan: A Free Man

Madhavankutty Pillai

Three decades after his conviction for Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, he was released thanks to the efforts of his mother

Steven Pinker criticises the Pope over comments on NATO

The Harvard academic adds that India’s future will depend on the strength of its multi-ethnic character

A Return to 1857

The remains of a massacred battalion of mutinying Indian soldiers raise new questions about how the uprising is remembered

The Illusion of the Olive Branch

Is there any possibility of peace with the Maoists?

A Rethink on Sedition?

With the government changing its stance, a more lenient law could be on the cards

The Cost of Freebies

States like Punjab and Rajasthan that indulge the most in economic populism are also the most fiscally stressed

A Matter of Marcos

The scion of a notorious dynasty brings his family full circle

The Fall of the Brothers Rajapaksa

Can the newly elected, mild-mannered Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe be a rainmaker?

Shiv Kumar Sharma (1938-2022): The Sound of Kashmir

The santoor maestro epitomises the dictum that music has no religion

Shireen Akleh’s death: Israeli writer demands international probe

Yossi Melman, veteran journalist and author, says such an inquiry must involve an organisation of the repute of Reporters Without Borders


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