A Matter of Taste

Shylashri Shankar

Connecting flavours with travel and science, memories and emotions

A Prayer for Orlem

A tender and true portrait of a Mumbai suburb

‘I am a Cyclops’

Aminder Dhaliwal’s graphic novel uses the figure of the cyclops to talk about race and belonging, sexuality and relationships. The animator tells Nandini Nair why we are all outsiders

The Road to Tokyo

History as a guide to the Olympics in the time of a pandemic

Curfewed Lives

An archive of trauma and psychic wounds from Kashmir

TM Krishna: A Thinker’s Raga

TM Krishna in a new collection of essays plays the parts of artist and citizen to perfection

Beyond the Bias

Nobel Prize-winning author Daniel Kahneman re-examines human follies and suggests remedies

A Permanent Scattering

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie mourns the death of her father

The Spoken Word Order

Migration, both external and internal, has shaped the languages that we speak

Intangible Lives

The human cost of nation building told through the story of a Santhal girl


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