The Hunter’s Nature

Ranjit Lal

The enduring aura of Jim Corbett

When Shadows Speak

A spymaster tells the Kashmir story through his own life

A Lexicon for New India

Deciphering the nature of the nation

The Young and the Literate

The 16th Jaipur Literature Festival brought in A-list speakers and first-class listeners

‘If we give nature a chance, it can and will recover,’ says Beatrice Forshall

Beatrice Forshall’s engravings of the natural world revolve around the conservation of species. The artist-author in conversation with

Never Give In

A soldier’s memoir is the story of Indian Army too

Through a Lens Darkly

Ashoka Mody’s understanding of Indian democracy is unnecessarily pessimistic

Ahlawat Gunjan: Garden Palette

When art bridges the gap between humans and nature

‘I tried to think of a way to put the human back into a world history,’ says Simon Sebag Montefiore

In two volumes, Simon Sebag Montefiore chronicles the world’s great families. The historian speaks about combining the span of world history with the grit of human biography

Saluting the Foot Soldiers

The freedom movement’s nameless legion


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