Born To Be Wild

Ranjit Lal

From Romulus Whitaker to India’s Snakeman

VO Chidambaram Pillai: Patriot of the Seas

The Tamil revolutionary who challenged British maritime power

Free Spirit

A portrait of a Mughal princess as an adventurer

An Epic Act

How Ebrahim Alkazi changed the Hindi theatre

The Phantom Invasion

How British panic at the Japanese threat aggravated Indian suffering in 1942

Character Is Destiny

Locked-room mysteries with a contemporary twist

Sathnam Sanghera: The Empire Raider

British Indian writer Sathnam Sanghera in his new book traces the imperial legacy across the globe. He tells why complete cultural decolonisation is difficult

Revenge and Redemption

Kingdoms crash and dynasties disappear in this epic set in Assam

The Vernacular Vibe

The enduring aura of architecture without architects

The End Is Near

A boy’s metaphorical search for dessert in Varanasi


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