Cover Story

In the Name of the Father

Amita Shah

Two sons and the burden of inheritance

Bihar 2020

Nitish Kumar has his image to flaunt and political momentum on his side, thanks to a formidable partnership with the BJP which wants to leave nothing to chance

The New Dalits Are a Thought Bank

But look who’s so desperate to keep them a vote bank

A Whiff of Kathua

Investigation without the invention of the enemy please

Hathras and the Politics of Denial

In the country she lived, it was her life, lower and insignificant, that was the crime waiting to be punished

Farce after Tragedy

The jury is out on what would constitute justice for the Hathras victim. But the battle is going to escalate for the Modi government

Broken Bollywood

Divided, self-referential in its storytelling, all too keen to celebrate mediocrity, its reputation in tatters and work largely stalled, the Mumbai film industry has hit rock bottom

Winter is Coming

The psychological divide between the enemy lines

2020 Is Not 1962

And China will realise why the hard way if it chooses the military option against India

Guns and Poppy

The inside story of how the drug trade is funding terrorism in Kashmir


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