Cover Story

Crypto Craze

V Shoba and Ullekh NP

How India is catching up with the possibilities of the newest money

Embrace the Disruption

Regulate and be rewarded as the future home of innovation

Collateral Longevity

New India doesn’t have time for a five-day sport but Tests survive on the back of the game’s adaptability to shorter formats

Cricket in 2050

All matches are now played in a covered stadium, any batsman who hits the ceiling is given an eight. The old helicopter shot is passé, players are hitting perpendicular rockets into the air

Can Test Cricket Survive?

As India gets ready for the final of the first World Test Championship against New Zealand, the inevitable question pops up

‘We are not playing big brother’

Social media companies should comply with rules and regulations, says Union Information Technology and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

State Vs Social Media

Free Speech | Privacy | Big-tech Dictatorship

The Future of Entertainment

The pandemic has changed the art and mart of movies. Forever?

The Hardest Lesson

The second wave of Covid-19 has laid bare India’s long neglect of health infrastructure


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