Cover Story

Kashmir: Beware the Street

Ahsan I Butt

And that’s what Pakistan is hoping for

Standing up to China-Pak Nexus

China’s strategy is to attack India’s weak points and stymie its rise to the extent possible. Beijing views the Indian portion of J&K as India’s Achilles Heel. Pakistan saw Article 370 as Indian acceptance that Kashmir is a disputed territory. The constitutional change can help India to more ably counter the China-Pakistan nexus

From Non-Alignment to Multi-Alignment

Modi’s foreign policy is focused on a series of parallel relationships that strengthen bilateral partnerships and seek a common approach towards security, economic equity and the elimination of existential dangers like terrorism

The Age of Assertion

India’s diplomatic heft and military confidence are at all-time high

In the Mad Waters of Kashmir

A dispatch from the Valley

Still Waking Up To Kesari

The newspaper that Lokmanya Tilak edited is still brought out by his great-grandson. The struggle goes on

The Last Remains of Khilafat

How a house and a committee in Mumbai continue to be testament to a hundred-year-old agitation

How Article 370 Separated India from Indians

Maybe the alarmism would have been less shrill had the Article-slayer been a non-Modi


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