Cover Story

The Wounded Happiness of Salman Rushdie

S Prasannarajan

What it takes to be a writer in the time of hate. Rushdie returns to that August morning in 2022 when he almost died under the knife of a man inspired by the late Ayatollah Khomeini’s death decree against the author

Congress: Is the Party Withering Away?

Congress is in organisational disarray with the exit of many senior leaders owing to the inaccessibility of the Gandhis and diminishing electoral prospects

The Great Disconnect

Rahul Gandhi leads a Congress so bereft of ideas that it is banking on a divisive manifesto couched in the language of diversity and inclusion

The Race to Eject KCR

The increasing irrelevance of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi as Congress and BJP take the lead in Telangana

The Key to Katchatheevu

The way out of the dispute is the separation of fishing rights and questions of sovereignty

Opening the Southern Front

BJP turns the Sri Lankan Island of Katchatheevu into a nationalist cause

The Politics of Alarmism

Those who charge Modi’s India with extra-constitutionalism mistake adherence for absolutism

When You Don’t Pay Your Dues…

Congress’ bid to argue that the tax cases against it are politically motivated is unconvincing and adds to the negative baggage it carries ahead of elections

The Kejriwal Meltdown

The arrest of the AAP leader and the unravelling of alternative politics

In Defence of One Nation One Election

The economic benefits of simultaneous polls will be far-reaching


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