Cover Story

The Limits of Moral Imperialism

Rahul Shivshankar

The Anglo-elite’s attitude towards an emerging superpower like India reeks of hypocrisy

Back to Punjab

The state’s continuing political volatility has spawned a new Pakistan

The New Delhi Pushback

India dismisses Trudeau’s wild allegations and shows a willingness to escalate the showdown with Ottawa

The Surrey Swamp

How Canada became the operational base for terrorist-criminal syndicates working to stir up separatism in Punjab

How Khalistan Resides In the Anglosphere

The emergence of Canada as the international epicentre of Khalistan militancy should not obscure the broader role of its natural allies in sheltering and shielding Sikh extremists fomenting terrorism in India

Ladies First

Women’s empowerment has always been at the core of Prime Minister Modi’s vision for India

The Great Power Shift

The overwhelming support for the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament marks the distance women have come in national life and is a big political victory for BJP

The Atmospherics

Will millet pudding with apricot compote shift the epicurean focus from DC to Delhi? Neither monkeys nor naysayers’ gripes about food and décor could spoil the party

Digital Dividend

G20 members’ adoption of the Indian digital public infrastructure as a global template for developing nations is a big boost to Delhi’s stature

The Message

The summit demonstrated India’s ability to influence outcomes on the global stage by bridging geopolitical divides and making the group more economically inclusive


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