Cover Story

Standing Up to Beijing’s Belligerence

Rajeev Deshpande

India’s newfound confidence in using its economic strength to counter China has changed how the world sees Delhi

The Evidence From Ladakh

What old maps say about Chinese claims on Indian territory

Steady In the Storm

How Modi is navigating a rough diplomatic terrain after the Russian invasion of Ukraine

How Dynasties Rule Bollywood

A marriage brings out the clan power in the Hindi film industry

The Jagmohan Myth

The former Jammu and Kashmir governor is often accused of orchestrating the Pandit exodus. The truth is starkly different

The Future of Kashmiri Pandits

Is there a life for them in the Valley?

Inside Imran’s Anti-Americanism

How a playboy embarked on his quest for an Islamic utopia

The Ball Swings India’s Way

New Delhi keeps away from the turmoil in Pakistan, preferring to watch from a distance the steady ebbing of Islamabad’s strategic clout

Imran Khan: The Reckoning

Imran Khan had one ingrained virtue. He was breathtakingly sincere. But good intentions do not constitute good governance. Like an amateur, he overestimated his abilities when he needed wile or guile as strategy. On his day of judgment, Imran compared his predicament to that of Imam Hussain. The messiah may be faltering, but the messiah complex is alive and well

The Order of the Victim

How the politics of inversion unites Putin and Imran


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