Cover Story

Stories Show the Way

Janice Pariat

Walking the historical David Scott trail in Meghalaya brings together the past and the present

A Fair Match

At the Tarnetar Mela an age-old matchmaking tradition is practised even today

A Narration of Stone

Untold histories can be heard from the ancient Buddhist caves of western Maharashtra

Higher Reality

An eight-day trek along the great lakes of Kashmir culminating in the sacred mountain of Harmukh is a physical and spiritual experience

The Call of Tholung

A pilgrimage to the remote and sacred Buddhist site in Sikkim is a perilous walk to a higher plane

The Rezala Route

A culinary tour explores the links between Bhopal and Rampur cuisine

Crimson City

To follow in the footsteps of real and imagined characters in Old Delhi is to discover its cosmopolitan nature

The Buddha and the Serenity Spa

A flâneur’s diary from Bangkok and Chiang Mai

The Cultural Traveller

With the retreat of Covid, Indians are on the move again

The Peace Dividend

Political agreements and a firm hand in dealing with insurgencies have normalised the Northeast, making it easier for India to face Chinese threats across an unsettled border


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