Art & Culture

Illness as a Metaphor

Rosalyn D’Mello

An artist’s struggle with mortality

An Epic Reminder

The Ramayana as a visual narrative with contemporary urgency

Jogen Chowdhury: Form and Feeling

Jogen Chowdhury prefers spontaneity to deftness in his ‘throbbing lines’

Beloved Concrete Monsters

The cultural revival of Modernist architecture

YG Srimati: The Radical Classicist

YG Srimati broke boundaries while remaining rooted to the ancient traditions of the subcontinent

CK Balagopalan (1939-2019): The Depth of the Divine

The quiet death and instinctive art of Bharatanatyam dancer

Bani Abidi: The Last Laugh

The Pakistani artist Bani Abidi uses the absurd to fight oppression

Allegorical and Figurative

Subversive narratives and ecological imprints at the Delhi Contemporary Art Week

Future Present

Many tomorrows of South Asia in books and art

SG Vasudev: Crafting the Covenant

SG Vasudev’s retrospective reveals the joyous communion of man, woman and nature


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