Art & Culture

Souza’s Gaze

Somak Ghoshal

The life and legacy of the artist with a female fetish

Ali Fazal : An Actor and A Gentleman

Ali Fazal, the unhinged apprentice don of Mirzapur, is expanding his domain

Striking a Chord

Meet the jazz mentors who add to the musical taste of India

Brewing Heritage

The commercialisation of rice wines from the Northeast tells a cultural story as well

Sing It Easy

Spoken-word poetry has gone mainstream

Flavour of the City

What it takes to dish out Mumbai’s most coveted and imaginative restaurants

Still Staying in Style

The local-yet-global reinvention of Abraham & Thakore

The First Sagas

Innovative technology brings alive Australia’s indigenous culture

Songs of the Sisterhood

Young women rappers strike a feminist note


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