The Nation at Play

Boria Majumdar

A brief history of Indian Olympism as the Olympic games return to Paris after a hundred years

Slim Chance

India too catches up with the demand for miracle drugs for weight loss. Doctors advise caution

Unofficial Secrets

The curious case of Puja Khedkar, an IAS probationer accused of fraud

The Slow Pulwama

Terrorists have already inflicted more casualties on the Jammu region than their biggest attack ever in Kashmir. Is it time to rethink counterinsurgency?

Local Insertion

Karnataka’s experiment with reservations is a flawed idea

KP Sharma Oli: Quick-Change Artist

What Nepal’s new China-friendly prime minister could mean for India

Kings of Europe

How Spanish football returned where it belonged--at the very top

Sunday, Super Sunday

Will Kane win the first big trophy of his career, or will Djokovic win his 25th?


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