Back To Class

Lhendup G Bhutia

As schools reopen, India is grappling with the dilemma of just how to do it and whether it is even ethical

Bottled Up in Bihar

Nitish Kumar and the weaponisation of prohibition

Doses of Hope

The progress made on Covid vaccines in ten months looks like a mad dash for protection against the virus, but the development of vaccines remains a marathon

Diego Maradona (1960-2020): God’s Player

A flawed genius whose flaws only add to his immortality

Ahmed Patel (1949-2020): Power Behind the Power

Patel was a lone ranger in a party known for its groupism. With his death, Sonia Gandhi has lost the golden bridge linking her family to the party. And it can get very lonely up there in a castle of melting wax

Diego Maradona: The Most Human of the Gods

Diego Maradona’s game and life offer great moral lessons in hope as well as humility

‘People of poorer nations have moral claim to be at the front of the queue when vaccines arrive’

Says Jonathan Kimmelman, Director of the Biomedical Ethics Unit, School of Population and Global Health, McGill University, Canada

‘The joy for us was discovering the complexity and nuances of their marriage’

Emma Corrin and Josh O’Connor speak to Rajeev Masand about the responsibility and challenges of depicting Lady Diana and Prince Charles and their fraught relationship on screen

Say Cheese, India

Changing urban lifestyle gives the emerging market of local artisan cheeses a boost

Coral Relief

How researchers in India are relocating corals to facilitate urban projects and protect the reefs


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