The Day of the Dolphin

Vivek Menon

Riding the waves with a pod off the Omani coast

Books Redeem the Narcos City

If drugs gave Guadalajara a bad name, then books have done more than redeeming it

The Dilemmas of Harishchandra

Caught between dharmic duty and heavenly call

India’s Culture of Obedience

Rahul Bajaj made the right noises but directed them wrongly

The Discrimination

The Citizenship Amendment Bill, which excludes only Muslims, is an affront to the idea of India

Lunch And Crunch

Amarinder Singh's lunch diplomacy

Magic Molecules

Is there is a flip side to SGLT2 inhibitors?

Being Doubtful in a Secular World

The history of Indian disbelief adds a wrinkle to the story of modernity

A Letter from Dhaka

Books, biryani and other delights of a charming city

Save the Arts

Who says culture and the arts are only for the elite?


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