In a Manner of Speaking

Amit Khanna

The history and importance of human conversation

Kinetic Kitchen

Cooking up a tale of memory and merriment

Global Meets Local

How does one explain Modi’s trip to Bangladesh on March 26th and 27th, just as West Bengal goes to polls on March 27th?

Congress’ Hard Left Turn

Biggest electoral misstep since Indira Gandhi?

‘Margot, I Am Not Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’

Vivekananda and the Himalayan connection—Part XI

An Anachronistic Justice

On the predictable response to the chief justice asking a rape accused to marry the victim

Another first to our many

India will become the only country in the world where people will get Covid and its vaccine simultaneously

One and Many

Every election is about the validation of the Modi story

Who Is the Parasite?

Parasitism is the commonest way of life on earth

Browsing Alert

Memory and instinct in a bookshop


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