Fist of Fury

Seema Sirohi

The assassin’s bullet that missed him quickens the pace of Donald Trump as he marches towards victory

The Moral Algorithm

Navigating the ethical and constitutional boundaries of AI

The Wisdom of Delay

Why it is too soon to hold elections in Jammu and Kashmir

Modi In Moscow

India is examining other avenues for Russian investments in India as well apart from the ambitious Vladivostok-Chennai maritime corridor

America’s Godman

The hand of God will not write American foreign policy, but it will influence some of the thinking in a Trump administration

Dynasty Damages Democracy

The electoral legitimacy political dynasts seek is illusory

The Image Is the Man

The updated iconography of Trumpism: The son of God had his cross; God’s candidate has his band-aid

Towards a Conservative Consensus

How India can help build a global cultural nationalist movement

Gavaskar’s Finest Hour

A return to the 1971 India-West Indies series that launched a legend

Old Man and See!

A day in the life of a senior citizen, stretching from books to the bar


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