Cricket Fan

Jayanta Ghosal

Mohan Bhagwat’s leisure consists of watching cricket matches and listening to old Hindi songs

Businesses Beat the Blues

How green shoots in the economy are for real as corporates embark on expansion spree

Sanctioned Anarchy

The Shaheen Bagh crowd has a maximalist position from which it is unwilling to resile

The Problem with Indian Vegetarianism

It is premised on the idea of self-purity and not sanctity of life

Novelist’s Diary

Since I’ve never learned to drive, I travelled across America by bus. Now I’m going across New Zealand the same way

High on Congestion

Globally, Mumbai ranks among the top 10

Editor’s Note

Politics, in Trumpology, is power in first person

Rahul Gandhi: Will He?

There is a buzz in the Congress circuit that Rahul Gandhi will return to formally lead the party again

The Grip of Tamas

How we lose the ability to differentiate between what is and is not ours


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