The Magic in Mohammad Rafi

Syed Badrul Ahsan

Remembering the legendary singer on his death anniversary

‘Silent Majority’

These people often reply ‘don’t know’ if asked by pollsters and often stay at home on polling day out of sheer disgust

The End of Desire

Indifference to both the good and the bad leads to liberation

On Another Plane

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is learnt to have advised Rajnath Singh not to go to Ambala

Desperately Seeking Blame

If the police want to solve Rajput’s suicide, they should file an FIR against clinical depression

Screen Test

The pandemic signals a paradigm shift in the way we are informed and entertained

Life Beyond 65

Prohibiting people above that age from engaging in outdoor activities and compelling them to stay at home owing to the lockdown is cruel

Jesus of India

Justice Banumathi’s faith expression is part of the subcontinent’s cultural reality

A Detective’s Diet

When Agatha Christie cooks Poirot’s breakfast

Gold’s Own Country

A smuggling scam reveals why India needs to liberalise gold trading


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