Mane Characters

Rachel Dwyer

A Netflix series brings back the 1980s mullet haircut

When Parashurama Wields the Axe

The winners and losers in a battle like no other

Maneka’s journey

She has seen seven prime ministers and the shaping of Indian history

The Circle Gets Bigger

The conceptual daring and strategic potential of an economic corridor

India as a ‘soft state’

The citizens of Nehruvian and post-Nehruvian India often attempted to justify their vulnerability by claiming to be preoccupied with loftier things

This Is Your Captain Speaking. Help Me

Depression, anxiety and stress among pilots are commonplace today. It is time the authorities take action and look into airline crew mental health

Follow the Money

Kaala | Bambai Meri Jaan

C’mon, It’s Only a Game

Indian football will be better off when fans learn to take defeats in their stride

The Great Derangement

The vaunted rationalism of Dravidianism is a mask for the deepest prejudice


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