The Devi Mystique

Bibek Debroy

The roots of greatness in Kurma Purana

The War During Passover

In the conflict between Iran and Israel, the hostages cannot be forgotten

BJP’s Manifesto Surprise

The contrast from the populist promises in the Congress manifesto could not be starker

Private Public Benefits

On membership wrangles in exclusive clubs on government land in Mumbai

Desperately Dynasties

The question of Bengal 2024: From the mountain to the sea, who shall it be?

Media Hierarchy

And the lowest common denominator

Jakarta Comes of Age

Indonesia is learning to pull its geopolitical weight in the Indo-Pacific

Hindutva with a Difference

How BJP can cross the cultural and ideological barriers in the south

Dance of the Defectors

BJP isn’t taking them in to empty out the opposition. There’s a larger message

A False Divide

South India isn’t necessarily richer than North India


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