Writer Blocked

Madhavankutty Pillai

On the absence of JK Rowling from Harry Potter’s retrospective film

The Banality of Comparative Evil

Desperately seeking the sword of Hindutva

COP Star

The absence of government heads of China, Russia, Turkey and Brazil at the inaugural ceremony increased India’s importance

Submission Is Strength

The aesthetics of Indian politics IX

The False Equivalence Industry

In which it’s cool to compare RSS to the Taliban

Fixing the Responsibility

Penalising the guilty for the 2018 collapse

The Shiva-Vishnu Partnership

The quintessential union for the betterment of all

Question Without an Answer

On the Congress application form, there is a question about whether applicants took alcohol or other addictive substances

A Mighty Lesson

Can Brahma’s blessing save one from Shiva’s wrath?

Climate Change: A Big Business

The locals reap the rewards of the abundance of money floating around


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