The Longest Road

Shoma Abhyankar

A novel on the homecoming migrant

Water Kingdoms

Indo-Roman ocean trade told through the stories of patricians and plebeians

Imaginary Homeland

Writing book reviews and living entirely by literature gave Chandrahas Choudhury the time and space, the models and the means to become a novelist

Love and Labour

An intimate history of women searching for a more equal and dignified life

Travels of a Fish

How the British introduced the trout to Indian waters

Anees Salim: The Heirs of the King

Anees Salim’s multi-narrator novel tells of children discovering their lineage

Mommy Talk

Motherhood memoirs are in fashion, with celebrities dispensing advice on all things from the medical to the psychological

Delhi and Lahore

The prologue to Partition

Not Guilty

A memoir by a fugitive who has committed no crime

The Physicist Genius

Narinder Singh Kapany was an inventor, art collector and entrepreneur whose work transformed information technology


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