News Briefs

Peak Woke

IT WAS EXTRAORDINARY to see YouTube clips of a US Congressional hearing recently in which

Lalduhoma: Seasoned Tactician

THE ANALYSIS AROUND the poll results have been focused on the four larger states, unsurprisingly

The Climate after Dubai 2023

THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE of Parties, or COP, that takes stock of climate change, is a

Cong Insulates Gandhis From Rout In Hindi Heartland

No sooner did the assembly results indicated that the BJP was winning the three states

BJP’s huge win in MP is a big setback to Congress

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s massive win in Madhya Pradesh is confirmation that the party is

Reopening of a Case

FACEBOOK THROWS UP old postings without warning and a 10-year-old one popped up on the

Paul Lynch: The Soothsayer

TO READ PROPHET SONG is to be immersed in a world of en­croaching darkness. Without

The Spirit of Silkyara

WHEN NEW ZEALANDER Edmund Hillary reached the top of Mount Everest in May 1953, along

Henry the Last

IN 1938 HEINZ ALFRED KISSINGER, born 15 years earlier in German Bavaria, escaped Hitler’s Holocaust,

The Indian Banking Sector In The UK Witnesses Dramatic Changes

The Indian banking circles in the UK are witnessing dramatic changes at the top level.


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