News Briefs

Vision Pro: Eye Opener

IMAGINE BEING IN the 1980s when the first personal computers started appearing in India, or

Water As Weapon

WAR, TO THE population of the countries that are partici­pating in it, is often experienced

A Welcome Drawn Match

THE UNEDIFYING SPECTACLE of India’s top wrestlers agitating on the streets and clashing with the

Gitanjali Aiyar (1947-2023): Poise and Perfection

The smart bob, the pearls, the printed silk sarees, and the perfect enunciation. Gitanjali Aiyar

‘India needs to look at water, climate problems closely,’ says Joyeeta Gupta

Amsterdam-based Indian-origin scientist and environmental science professor Joyeeta Gupta has won the Spinoza Prize, which is often

Opposition Meet Postponed

A week before Opposition parties were to meet in Patna on June 12, the anti-BJP

Diasporic Manipuris float forum to finance relief, promote dialogue

Non-resident Meiteis, the largest ethnic group in violence-hit Manipur, have formed an international organisation to

The Choice That Is Not

A NEW MINISTRY OF Education study on the choices students make for higher education tells

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Anatolian Tiger

MUSTAFA KEMAL’S GHOST is finally being laid to rest in 2023, the centenary of the

Kissinger at 100

POLITICIANS OR FOREIGN policy practitioners, and both roles can reside in the same person, are


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