News Briefs

Tussle Heats Up Between DST and Premier Research Institute

An extension given to the director of a prestigious medical institute has triggered tensions between

Back to School

ON PAPER, THE New Education Policy (NEP) ticks all the right boxes. From universalising access

Conversion Terror

A RECENT SOCIAL MEDIA video shared by a man in Lahore went viral and then

Low vitamin D levels raise Covid-19 infection risks

When Dr Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern and her colleagues at Israel’s Bar Ilan University tied up several months ago with scientists

Great Mismatched Expectations

AT THE ASTUTE, headstrong age of four, my daughter threw a tantrum while on a

Kangana Ranaut: The Flame Thrower

EVERY FEW YEARS, Bollywood sees fit to destroy itself only to emerge again, changing shape

“A Covid-19 vaccine should hit the Indian market in 2021”

Biophysicist Raghavan Varadarajan, a professor at the Indian Institute of Science and co-founder of Mynvax,

TikTok: Video Voodoo

WHEN TIKTOK FIRST arrived globally—sometime in 2018, after its parent company ByteDance merged it with

A Monumental Shame

POLITICAL MOVES AND judicial intervention go hand in hand in Turkey. This isn’t unique to

A Fistful of Music

EVEN IF ONE may not recognise the name Ennio Morricone, it will be near impossible


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