News Briefs

Parag Agrawal: The Successor

ON NOVEMBER 29TH, Parag Agrawal joined a growing list of Indian-Americans heading some of Silicon

Saviour Complex

THE INDIAN STATE avoids, deliberately, having failure standards—to decide beforehand and make public for any

Bracing for the New Variant

SOUTH AFRICA CERTAINLY deserves praise for alerting the rest of the world on time about

Peng Shuai: Like an Egg Against a Rock

WHO IS PENG SHUAI? She is a tennis star in China. In 2013 and 2014,

Not the Expected Revolution

THAT INDIA IS now banning cryptocurrency for everyone except the Government itself shouldn’t come as

The Adoption that Shook Kerala

IN MOST INDIAN states, safeguarding the family honour in a romantic affair leads to a

Wilbur Smith (1933-2021): The Last Adventurer

THE SOUTH AFRICAN writer Wilbur Smith, who died recently at the age of 88, was

Writer Blocked

HBO MAX IS making a retrospective film to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter

Maoists after Milind Teltumbde

TOWARDS THE EVENING of November 13th, a long gun battle between Maoists and security forces

Falguni Nayar: Beauty and the Boss

IN A SEASON where multiple startups, most of them tech businesses built by young male


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