News Briefs

“The day you say Modi is ‘satisfied’, you can say you are paying homage to him”

Outlining what keeps him going and how he wards off complacency, Prime Ministrer Narendra Modi

Jagdish Bhagwati: Practical Economist

IN JULY, JAGDISH BHAGWATI, the doyen of trade theorists, will turn 90. Just months before

A Shooting in Bollywood

AS WITH EVERYTHING in the social media age, the visual makes the story viral, but


SENSEX, THE BOMBAY Stock Exchange’s index, touched 75000 this week and it is not a

Peter Higgs (1929-2024): Master of Reality

EVER SINCE HUMAN beings developed curiosity to understand the nature of reality, they have been

Raj Thackeray Chooses BJP

It is about 8 at night, on the first day of the Maharashtrian New Year,

The Limits of Assisted Suicide

This is an issue two decades away for India but will at some point be­come

Blessy: Master Class

BLESSY HAS BROUGHT out the best from his actors in his latest movie, Aadujeevitham: The

Artificial Intelligence with High EQ?

THE YOUNG GENERATION of today obsessively uses generative AI (GAI) tools for learning, and some­times

Rising Star

The World Economic Forum unveils 2024's most promising Young Global Leaders—a dynamic and diverse cohort


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