News Briefs

Melania Trump: The Low-Key First Lady

IF MICHELLE OBAMA was all about her toned shoulders, Melania Trump is all about sleek,

Half the Battle Won

TEN YEARS AGO, when Seema Singh, then an Army Major who was out of service

Dateline India

INDIA HAS SELDOM monopolised as much newsprint, web content and airtime abroad as it appears

Hanuman: The God That Worked

THE DELHI ELECTION has not been very kind to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). In

The Oscar Statuette: The Prestige

WHAT IS THE financial worth of an Oscar statuette. Theoretically, it is about a dollar.

Hastinapur Calling

IN THE MAHABHARATA, it is where two great dynasties battle for the throne. It is

Kerala Confronts Coronavirus

The Kerala student who has been confirmed as the first case of the Corona Virus

The Many Turns of Prashant Kishor

WITH HIS EXPULSION from the Janata Dal-United, or JD(U), Prashant Kishor is back to being

Shame and Shamer

IF YOU SET out to make a checklist about the Indian heckler, the first point

The Maharajah’s New Clothes

“We call him a Maharajah for want of a better description. But his blood isn’t


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