News Briefs

Gopalika Antharjanam: The Brahmin Arabic Teacher

The life of Gopalika Antharjanam, a 58-year-old hailing from Malappuram district in Kerala, is a

The Call of the Mob

ON NOVEMBER 27TH, a woman in Hyderabad was merely going about her day. She had

Swami Nithyananda: Godman’s Own Country

BACK IN 2011, an amusing incident occurred during one of the satsangs organised by the

Sharad Pawar: The Grand Maratha

OF THE MANY things coming back to bite Devendra Fadnavis is a quote he once

Will the Maha Alliance Last?

AS THE DRAMA of Maharashtra’s last few days comes to an end, the curtain now

‘Anonymising political donors is a blatant violation of the RTI law’

Noted freedom activist Anjali Bhardwaj is in the news for accessing crucial information about the interaction over

Rafale: An End and a Beginning

IF THE DUST is now allowed to settle on the Rafale case, India and its

The Compassion of Abdul Jabbar

The first and the last time I met Abdul Jabbar was at his home off

India’s Trade Tangle

REACTIONS TO INDIA not joining the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) were predictable. On November

Breaking Bald

EVERY NIGHT, A vast number of men across the globe wake up to the evidence


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