Rahul Gandhi: Being an Intellectual

Virendra Kapoor

If you were a well-wisher of Rahul Gandhi, you would tell him to stop pretending to be an intellectual. Being an intellectual is not necessary to be prime minister

Race and Rishi

The compulsion of multiculturalism

The Battle for Religious Reform

Someone needs to challenge the radical and revisionist interpretations of Islam

BJP weighs Dhami’s `doer’ image in deciding Uttarakhand CM

Reinstating a chief minister who lost his seat is a tricky precedent to set

Look Up. Look Away. Look Within.

Why are we so worked up about a climate change film?

Covid-19: The Wolf May Never Come

Is testing still important? What if India had tested for corona at the rate of South Korea or Germany?

A Mosque in Paris

What the history of the city’s first Muslim place of worship says about an issue that continues to cause controversy

The Quietest Diwali in 5 Years

Why not move Diwali to another month?

The Fragrance of Nature

How to create the spirit of a Monet in your garden

Uniform Behavioural Code

What undermines Modi and his message is not the grievance of a signature but the violence and vulgarism of religious vigilantes


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