Lakshmi Bayi

Lakshmi Bayi loves travelling, books, films, and elephants. Writing is her way of muttering to herself

Going Back to the Roots

India must reclaim its universal and ancient narrative

31 October 2022
412-Years-Old Traditions Come Alive in Thiruvattar

The revival of ancient traditions at Shri Adi Keshava Perumal temple

24 July 2022
Re-reading Tagore to Become Human
Ancient Wisdom

Once divisions get created within humanity, they never cease to multiply

28 March 2022
User-Friendly God
A Measure of Success

Lessons from Radha’s enduring love for Krishna

18 December 2021
Trunk Call

A casual look at the elephant kingdom will teach us how to live

13 December 2021
The Shiva-Vishnu Partnership

The quintessential union for the betterment of all

08 November 2021
The Elephant God

The primacy of Lord Ganesha

03 October 2021
Ancient Wisdom on Sexuality

Neo-Victorians as exemplars of tradition are misfits in society

24 September 2021
The Societal Virus

The crisis in Afghanistan is an essay on the manipulation of emotions

28 August 2021


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