Karan Mahajan: A Case of Exploding Metaphors

Nandini Nair

The Delhi-born, US-based writer's new novel captures the terror and tragedy of our time

Swati and Ramesh Ramanathan: Urban Legends

Their NGO, Janaagraha, has been instrumental in securing citizen participation in governance

The Hashtag Generation

From career builder to status clincher, social media has made itself indispensable in small town India

The Define Comedy

What unites kitschy nationalists and secular fundamentalists?

Shambhu Baba: A Saint Is Sighted

The meteoric rise of Shambhu Baba, the latest addition to the list of godmen from Mithilanchal in Bihar. And he is too sacred to be photographed

The Latest Ghost Story

In which you swipe left to erase a relationship

Here Come the Bum-Biters

Paraphilia is the new normal. But can you ever really love a pervert?

The Art of Proposing: The Question of a Lifetime

The art of proposing and why some women are still not dazzled

How to Beat the Passion App

Can an app really quantify your last orgasm?

Who Needs Men?

Some women find pleasure elsewhere


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