The Drawing Room Writer

Diksha Basu’s new novel is irreverent and glamorous. She tells Urvashi Bahuguna there is more to literature than tortured stories

The Fraying of America

The Covid crisis brings back an old battle over the powers of the state

Radicalisation of the Liberal

They want the homogenisation of the mind to preserve the new doctrine of social justice

Portrait of a Housing Society

….From a Covid-Triggered WhatsApp Group

Capital Noir

Delhi stories where the boundaries between pleasure and violence are disturbingly blurred

Loyalty and Longing

An immigrant’s tale in London raises ethical questions

Searching For Home

Jahnavi Barua’s novel delves into the complexities of familial bonds in strife-ridden Assam

Love in Lockdown

A little bit of high-tech, a lot of old-fashioned waiting. That’s how romance is unfolding in the age of Covid-19


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