The City of Perpetual Pursuit

Rachel Dwyer

Between Bombay and Mumbai, reel by reel

City of Contrasts

Creating Kabul from the constellation of powerful stories it holds within

The Malabar Male

The truth about northern Kerala’s homoeroticism

All About the Matriarch

A tale of divorce and diverse husbands in 19th century Kerala

Aftermath of a Shaming

A review of #MeToo in the light of unexpected later happenings

Ghosts of the Jazz Age

One Hundred Years After the Roaring Twenties

A Brief and Biased History the Decade

How do we want to remember 2010-19?

City and Village

Short stories where the believable and unbelievable co-exist

Not In My Name

Vigilantism is not a substitute for justice

She and the City

The alleged encounter killing of the four accused in the rape and murder of a veterinarian in Hyderabad may have made heroes of the police. But at the same time, officers in plainclothes are making the city safer for women


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