A God for Small Things

Ira Mukhoty

The Indus Civilisation can teach us much about equality and harmony, aesthetics and planning

India of the Mind

Far from being colonised subjects, Indians in the 19th century had a vibrant sense of strategic affairs

A Fair Match

At the Tarnetar Mela an age-old matchmaking tradition is practised even today

Island of Despair

In Sri Lanka, food inflation has soared to 25.7 per cent with the prices of essentials, including milk, skyrocketing

Food for Thought

Kebabs in shot glasses and other atrocities

The Game of the Name

What we call our children says a lot about us as a society

The Death Trap

Why is the number of suicides among young Indian women rising?

‘This white metal box is my home. And it will be my coffin, too’

He migrated to Oman, struggled as an undocumented worker for twenty-two years and returned to a family that did not want him

The Loss of Inheritance

One of the world’s last matrilineal systems is changing in Meghalaya but no one is sure if that is a good thing

Feast of the Dead

Blurring the boundaries between the real and the surreal in Meghalaya


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