The Elusive Ikigai

Pallavi Aiyar

An overworked Japan’s quest for contentment

Mapping Women’s Anger

The importance of righteous rage, from the ancient epics to the revolutions of today

A Female Gaze

Englishwomen who straddled two worlds

Sunil Gupta: The Gaze of Memory

Sunil Gupta challenges the limits of queer aesthetics

Goa of the Mind

Imagining the sweep of diversity

The Morality of the Mobile Phone

It’s better to appreciate technology for what it is than what it’s not

A God for Small Things

The Indus Civilisation can teach us much about equality and harmony, aesthetics and planning

India of the Mind

Far from being colonised subjects, Indians in the 19th century had a vibrant sense of strategic affairs

A Fair Match

At the Tarnetar Mela an age-old matchmaking tradition is practised even today


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