The Rooster’s Revenge

Palash Krishna Mehrotra

An absurdly comic and uncannily contemporary novel from Kerala

The Abandoned: No Shelter for Orphans

Orphans are being thrown out of shelters even as parents face a shortage of children for adoption

Can’t Blame the Gods

QAnon and other Americanisms that challenge reality

The New Evil Empire. Or Is It?

A search engine may turn us into useful data. Does that make Google a slave trader?

The Revenge of Ideology

Don’t write off the Rasputin of resentment politics

Positive about Covid

Why a certain kind of people want to infect themselves for the greater good

The Tyranny of Coronaphobia

I am concerned that the majority of people can be successfully terrorised into surrendering their individual freedoms, says Ramesh Thakur

The Tree of Life

Community lessons from the plant kingdom

The Woman on the Balcony

Home as rebellion and respite


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