Sreedeep is a sociologist and a fellow with C-PACT, Shiv Nadar University, Noida

The Futility of Imposing Expiry Dates on Vehicles
Guest Column
The Futility of Imposing Expiry Dates on Vehicles

Why am I being stopped: aam admi encounters an arbitrary rule

10 December 2018
Mothers now spend more time educating their children, engage in farm and other household activities or focus on alternative sources of income generation
Guest Column
Flame of Change

Cleaner fuel in form of LPG also saves time – allowing women to spend more time with family and be more productive

26 June 2018
Flight view of world highest salt water lake
Pangong Postmortem: After the Tourists Depart

Thousands of tourists visit Pangong everyday and the numbers are bound to increase in the coming years

02 April 2018
A dense network of rivers makes water transport as important as roads or railways in Bangladesh. The country is both divided and united by its flowing water bodies, particularly towards the southern region where three or four storied boats take you to Borishal in Cox’s Bazaar and various other destinations. Like overnight trains, the boats are equipped with a pantry, cabins and other facilities
Personal History
A Passage to Bangladesh

The homecoming

06 September 2017
Soaring lease rates in Punjab have encouraged many land-owners to rent out their holdings
A Harvest of Distress

Farmers are on the brink and the tragedy of Sangrur tells us why

14 June 2017
Open Essay
The Self in the Selfie

Living dangerously inside a camera

18 February 2016
Can't Stop Drooling

How the eroticification of popular media is changing urban desires

18 August 2015
Call centre: Mock, Mock! Who's Calling?

The ironies of outsourcing and the aspirations of an individual working at a call centre

15 July 2015
Open Essay
JNU revolutionaries: Left out, left behind, left in between

Cosy in their make-believe, the revolutionaries of JNU campus are in permanent denial

28 May 2015


Brahma Chellaney

Brahma Chellaney is a geostrategist and the author of nine books, including the award-winning Water, Peace, and War : Confronting the Global Water Crisis

MJ Akbar

MJ Akbar is an MP and the author of, among other titles, Tinderbox: The Past and Future of Pakistan

Mehr Tarar

Mehr Tarar is a well-known Pakistani columnist and author

Nanditha Krishna

Nanditha Krishna is a historian, author and environmentalist, and director of the CPR Institute of Indological Research in Chennai

Makarand R Paranjape

Makarand R Paranjape, director, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, is the author of the forthcoming book Swami Vivekananda: Hinduism and India’s Road to Modernity. Views are personal


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