Mamata Banerjee

An East Bengal In West Bengal

MJ Akbar

The 2021 struggle for power is shaped by history, geography, demography—and a miracle by the mahatma, argues MJ Akbar

Demography Is Destiny

Identity still holds the key to West Bengal despite the pronounced economic disparities

One and Many

Every election is about the validation of the Modi story

Hell Is Not the Other

Bengal’s traditions of inclusiveness are at stake

Where Politics Is Passion

The trick in an election is to balance the national appeal with local faces. Language matters, and often doesn’t matter

Walking the Campaign

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Mamata Banerjee for her disciplined physical exercise regimen

The Mother of All Elections

A fierce do-or-die confrontation between the doughty Mamata Banerjee and the BJP

Bengali Flavour

An appeal for swadeshi

After Patel, Who?

Could Kamal Nath or P Chidambaram take over the role?

Next Target West Bengal

What lessons for Bengal can the BJP learn from Bihar?


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