Mamata Banerjee

Shatrughan Sinha: Picture This

Jayanta Ghosal

Sinha is believed to have even proposed to Banerjee that there should be a separate film department in the cabinet

The “Second City of the Empire”

In terms of its reputation as a business destination, West Bengal has climbed down a slippery slope

UPset and SetUP

Why Mamata Banerjee didn’t contest any seat in UP despite visiting the state twice

TMC’s Three Gifts

… now every Goan can live on their own land

Bharat Lal: The Favourite

Some say the appointment as Lokpal secretary is a stepping stone for Lal to eventually become principal secretary to the prime minister

The Meaning of the Mamata Campaign

Trinamool Congress is aggressively looking at expansion, with Mamata Banerjee fast becoming the main face of the opposition

Post-Retirement Largesse

When politicians reward blatant displays of partisanship

The Ultimate Prize

Mamata is taking her Mission Goa seriously

Appointment Not Granted

Chandrababu Naidu finds no sympathy in Delhi

Family Truths

The situation within the Yadav household remains tense


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