Mamata Banerjee

Moribund I.N.D.I.A.

Virendra Kapoor

Mamata Banerjee offering just one seat to Congress

Fatal Attrition

The shaky opposition alliance is as good as dead with its architect joining the ruling coalition at the Centre

Maratha Knots

The promise of extending quotas to Kunbi-Marathas

A Muddled Message

The squabbling opposition alliance poses little threat to the ruling coalition

Political Partisanship

Ahead of the ODI World Cup final in Ahmedabad, a number of opposition leaders seemed concerned that BJP would try and capitalise on India winning the championship

I.N.D.I.A. and Its Discontents

An Opposition alliance has unseated a strong incumbent at the Centre only when it has had a promise to sell and a charismatic leader. The anti-Modi alliance has neither while its own contradictions threaten to pull it apart

The Jungle Raj

The term which was once used to describe Bihar under Lalu Prasad, should now be applied to West Bengal

Opposition Meet Postponed

Because of absence of key Congress and other Opposition leaders


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