Headgear Biriyani

Anil Budur Lulla

With Kanimozhi’s endorsement, a new variety of biriyani has Chennai digging in heartily

The Conspiracy of Chefs

Chefs are coming together to change the way we eat. So get ready for tandoori chicken served on a bed of saffron rice khichdi.

Reader’s Digest

Mita Kapur’s book is another addition to the feast of books that present food as memoir, politics and history

Save What You Savour

The uniquely spicy flavours of Mudaliar food are in danger of being lost to future generations. Thankfully, some cuisine conservationists are at hand

Food Craft for Fussy Eaters

A mother’s blog on inventive enticements for picky children is making waves globally.

Confessions of a Chef

“Many people who have eaten Sanjeev Kapoor’s food aren’t impressed. But the man can rake in TRPs and sell books.”

Scent of History

World cuisine may take you places. But reminders of the past and our own nativity lie in foods which are sadly being fast forgotten.

The Fast Food and the Furious

Foodie-philosopher Anthony Bourdain spares no barbs in mortifying all enemies of good food.

No Country for Anorexics

Turkey isn’t for the weak-hearted. Much like the overwhelming flavours of its food, you must have a taste for adventure to discover the soul of the country.

Good Food vs Bad Food

Move beyond vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Start thinking of ethical and unethical food.


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