Pandemic Diets

Shylashri Shankar

Will the coronavirus change what we eat and how we eat?

Fat Chance

Our body needs them but how much?

My Cuisine versus Your Cuisine

Who is the winner in the war between biryani and poha?

Politics of Meat

Updating Ambedkar’s understanding of how untouchability came to be and what it has become today

Restaurant Reviews: The Fault in Their Stars

Restaurants are biting back at social media influencers who offer good reviews for a fee and free meals

Caviar Capitalism

Since the Soviet Union collapsed, caviar has gone from being easily available to being less so; China has become its largest producer in the world; and luxury has gone from being all about global chic to local grunge

Oh, the Cursed Fruit

Our correspondent’s experiment with the Gandhian menu

Only quality and not mere numbers count

It’s time we moved from census to consensus and finally, happily, to sense

I Eat, Therefore I Am

With the hedonist at the high table, many are putting their money where the mouth is


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