Tasting Time

Mohit Satyanand

Understanding India through its food and drink

Fast Route To Fitness

They take only one meal a day, and they have started a trend

Gourd of Small Things

The humble vegetable is a delicacy fit for kings and commoners

The Great Indian Table

The diversity of India’s food culture, from the meats of military hotels in Bengaluru to the royal munchies of Rajasthan

Carnivore Diet: A Meaty Affair

Inside a health campaign promoting the carnivore diet

A Spanish Mélange

The shape-shifting syncretism of the Iberian Peninsula

The Perils of India’s Carb Addiction

Despite numerous studies showing its consequences, our diet is only getting worse

The Three-Meal Problem

How to decide what to eat and when to eat

A Curry in Time

There is no single, pure Indian way of cooking and eating

The Sociology of Taste

Why some people can’t drink milk with sugar


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