How Tsarist Russia’s intellectuals embraced Indian culture

Ajay Kamalakaran

Yoga, Sanskrit and Dharmic belief systems found their way to pre-communist Russia and were adopted by some of the foremost members of the country’s intelligentsia

Love and Fear in Religion

Ego, politics and wealth, whether deliberately or otherwise, cater to conflict rather than consensus

For privacy, against anonymity

Linking Aadhaar to social media accounts is a flawed idea but alternatives must be explored

Art and Politics

A politico with a penchant for art, the battle for Delhi and a 'real' suggestion

Parking and Art

World's highest car density and Justice Chandrachud on artistic freedom

Amit Shah: Best Performer

Not just regarding Kashmir and the Article 370 revocation, Shah has been found to be proactive on all issues under the ministry

Tax Errorism

The fault is not in our raids but in our exemptions

The forgotten third chamber of Parliament

It was a ‘never before, never since’ Assembly in world history

Vijay Sethupathi’s Box of Chocolates

Incomparable | In Director We Must Trust

Losing the Drive

The crisis in the automobile sector is a harbinger of a permanent change in transportation


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