India’s Foreign Policy: The Foreign Hand

Bharat Karnad

Has India outsourced foreign policy to American think tanks?

Uber and Ola: The State Versus Technology

Forcing Uber and Ola to drop surge pricing in Delhi only compounds the chaos

Avinash Chandra: The Disappearing Artist

Avinash Chandra’s work is riveting, often for its shocking amorality

Eka Kurniawan: A Terrible Beauty Is Born

The rising star of Indonesian fiction, Eka Kurniawan spins a tale that is as bloody as it is brilliant. He has a message for the world—the truth always exposes itself. The magical realist in conversation with Open

The Tree of Life

What that flower bed by the front door can do to your life

WillKat and the Endearing Eleven of Kaziranga

The royal couple makes a difference in the animal kingdom too

Tata Steel: The Empire for Sale

Will Tata hasten Britain’s industrial decline?

You Give Us Satisfaction

Thank you Rolling Stones, for revealing that music isn’t time and space specific

Picking up the Pieces

Parental Seal of Approval • The Meter’s Down

Offspring in the Wings

It’s the Family, Stupid! • Stealing the Show, Literally


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