Somak Ghoshal

Somak Ghoshal is an editor and writer based in Bengaluru

Prabuddha Dasgupta: The Literary Photographer
Prabuddha Dasgupta: The Literary Photographer

Prabuddha Dasgupta compresses entire stories into his frames

13 December 2019
The Inward Gaze of Olivia Fraser
Art & Culture
The Inward Gaze of Olivia Fraser

An artist with an eye for detail

08 November 2019
BV Doshi: The Highest Guru of Urban Design
BV Doshi: The Highest Guru of Urban Design

For BV Doshi, the architect must be alert to the needs of the future inhabitants

01 November 2019
YG Srimati: The Radical Classicist
Art & Culture
YG Srimati: The Radical Classicist

YG Srimati broke boundaries while remaining rooted to the ancient traditions of the subcontinent

16 September 2019
BN Goswamy: Human & Divine
BN Goswamy: Human & Divine

BN Goswamy’s new book is a survey of a 19th century manuscript, a unique testimony to the miniature style of painting from south of the Deccan

15 August 2019
Eye Witness
The Cruelty of Images

Could the assault of self-same images of suffering make us immune to their potency?

26 July 2019
Eye Witness
Black Lives Matter

Diving into European art history to resurrect a vital and ignored cast of characters

07 June 2019
Warmth, 2019
Art & Culture
An Illusory Universe

NS Harsha evokes many worlds within one in his art

02 May 2019
Yogini (after a 16th century Bijapur miniature painting) from the series The Native Types, 2000-14 © Pushpamala N and Clare Arni
Framing the Fable

This study on the evolution of photography in the subcontinent strikes a fine balance between the medium’s formal and aesthetic aspirations

17 April 2019
Derrick Cross, 1983
Eye Witness
Robert Mapplethorpe: Fire and Light

The hypnotic aura of Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs triumphs over petty public morality

27 March 2019


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