The Crooked Lives of Free Speech

Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Liberals lose the plot from Paris to Delhi

For an India of Equal Liberty

Time to strike a balance between justice and prosperity

Who’s Afraid Of Wendy Doniger?

In India, faith may not be in power but the faithful is empowered by the State that is not committed to freedom

My Vote for Pluralism

There are multiple ways of being human, being religious among them, that rationalists fail to appreciate

Up Against Godmen

Narendra Dabholkar’s assassination leaves a legislative battle unfinished with no one to take it up

The Scientologists of India

Evil cult or misunderstood religion, Scientology is slowly finding followers in India

Who Is Secular in This Country?

Those who make religious distinctions or those who do not?

Reading in Sin

If sexual explicitness caused the most outrage in the early phase of book bans in India, there was a point after which it became almost entirely about religion

The Guru Ambedkar

BR Ambedkar chose a religion rather than a political ideology to empower India’s Untouchables for a reason

A Religion for Our Times

There are things about F1 that put it ahead of mainstream religions in the faith stakes


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