Sacred Hotline

Lakshmi Bayi

True Divinity would have a better chance at survival if opinions are evolved and followed by the individual

Sacred Compassion

Any religion devoid of humanism may turn into a weapon of mass destruction

Divided by Religion

It is time to address the creeping inequality in cultural and educational rights caused by the 93rd Amendment

Divine Distancing

Religion makes use of technology and private space to cope with the pandemic

I Am Not That

The self is distinct from anything of this world

Truth-Finding Mission

A gripping reportage of love and the politics of hate

On the Beach

A bittersweet tale of four young men and growing religious faultlines in Kerala

The Snare of Samsara

The smallest of worldly cares keeps one trapped in the cycle of birth and death

Once Life Flees

Death has an unfamiliarity to it which is scary


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