The Dialectics of Devotion

Makarand R Paranjape

The aesthetics of Indian politics V

Conceal the Way You Dream

The daily hope and despair have never appeared more vivid and more insignificant, the abstractions of politics never felt this gigantic and remote, and never has religion seemed so weak a palliative

The Significance of Onam

Celebrating King Mahabali’s fairness and courage

The Open Veins of Bharat

The time is ripe to revise wrong narratives of history and rediscover our true identity

The Pluralism of Hindutva

The call is for unity, not uniformity

A Return to Hindutva

For Savarkar, it was religious pluralism sustained by cultural nationalism

An Ethical Treatise

What the Gita can tell us at a time clouded by chaos and insecurity

A Portrait of the Indian

A new survey reveals a deeply conservative country

Wisdom of the East

Jairam Ramesh chronicles the life of Edwin Arnold who took Buddha’s ideas to the West via a narrative poem


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