The Book of Overcoming

Bibek Debroy

What the old texts tell us about codes of behaviour and the creation of wealth in a calamity

A Road Map for the Ruler

The path to greatness according to the Vamadeva Gita

Reimagining the Gita

The limits of reading it as an independent text

An Orthodox Thought

Will there be an Indian Shtisel one day?

The Sovereign Condition

Raj Dharma is all about the rule of law

The Swami and the Himalayas

The revelatory journeys of Vivekananda

A Dirge for Desire

The many Gitas of the Mahabharata

The Essential Hero

Amish’s dance with valour, religion and patriotism

Kesavananda Bharati: The Seer Who Dared

Kesavananda Bharati, who died on September 6th, did not win in court, but his 1973 case limited Parliament’s power to amend the Constitution. Indian democracy is indebted to him

The Power of Pursuit

Freedom is the ultimate reward of yoga


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