The Godforsaken Country

Virendra Kapoor

The famous Kalkaji Mandir in south Delhi, daily attracting thousands of devotees, is mired in a bitter fight over the rival claims to perform puja

The Arrow of Love

A secret for the Vedic minds

Truth as the Beginning

Look beyond seers and sages to locate the origins of Indian thought

Murugan’s Moment

BJP in Tamil Nadu taps into a popular god

The Book of Overcoming

What the old texts tell us about codes of behaviour and the creation of wealth in a calamity

A Road Map for the Ruler

The path to greatness according to the Vamadeva Gita

Reimagining the Gita

The limits of reading it as an independent text

An Orthodox Thought

Will there be an Indian Shtisel one day?

The Sovereign Condition

Raj Dharma is all about the rule of law

The Swami and the Himalayas

The revelatory journeys of Vivekananda


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