Tufail Ahmad

Tufail Ahmad writes on political Islam

Muslim Women: The Long Road to Equal Rights
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Muslim Women: The Long Road to Equal Rights

A breakthrough judgment but freedom for most Muslim women in India is a far cry. Let Parliament do its bit now

23 August 2017
Between Moolah and the Mullah
Between Moolah and the Mullah

The Islamist radicalisation in Kerala

29 September 2016
Hypocrites of Islam
Hypocrites of Islam

The deplorable use of a Quranic term in India’s Urdu media to savage liberal Muslims

16 September 2016
Wolves In the Skin of Goats?
Wolves In the Skin of Goats?

Why the Urdu press in India consistently heaps scorn on Ahmadiya Muslims

29 August 2016
An article by Zafarul Islam in Roznama Jadid Khabar of July 23 attacking Tufail Ahmad
In Response to Zafarul Islam: Islamist Editors are Indeed Radicalising Indian Muslims

In modern times, a glaring intellectual failure of the Muslim mind is not to distinguish between Israel, the Jews and the Zionists

25 July 2016
Editorials on 23 June in Roznama Inquilab, Roznama Sahafat and Roznama Sangam
Call for Jihad

Some Urdu dailies in India extol Islam’s first holy war

30 June 2016
Asma Zahra (extreme left) with other members of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board protest against proposed reforms at a press meet in Lucknow on 5 June
The Triple Talaq Blowback

Obscurantist clerics mount a campaign against recent moves to reform the Muslim Personal Law

15 June 2016
Kabul Calling

Ravaged by war, terror and bad politics, Afghanistan is waiting for a new life after the withdrawal of American troops

17 December 2015
Jihad Comes Close to Home

The news from Bangladesh should alert India to the threat from ISIS. It is real and immediate

07 October 2015
Anti-ISIS Fatwa Finds No Mention in Most Urdu Dailies

Roznama Aag of Lucknow was one of the few dailies that carried the news of the fatwa on its front page

10 September 2015


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