movie review

War Movie Review

Ajit Duara

This film affirms the maxim that slickness alone does not an action movie make

Joker Movie Review

‘Joker’ is certainly watchable - mainly for its art direction

Hustlers Movie Review

A magazine article will never have enough material for a feature film script

Official Secrets Movie Review

This is a film worth watching

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Movie Review

As a launch vehicle by Sunny Deol for his son, Karan, the movie is only marginally effective

The Zoya Factor Movie Review

Cricket could be described in words, not images

Dream Girl Movie Review

If you like your comedy drier, subtler and more cerebral, this is the wrong movie for you

Chhichhore Movie Review

There are amusing parts in the movie, but as a whole, it doesn’t add up to much

Saaho Movie Review

Unfortunately, ‘Saaho’ ends up as a loud film with a few nice turns, but one that you get lost in halfway through

Crawl Movie Review

‘Crawl’ is an acquired taste, both for the audience and the alligators


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