Mamata Banerjee

The increasing impossibility of an anti-Modi coalition

PR Ramesh and Ullekh NP

Opposition unity remains elusive with Congress hurtling from crisis to crisis as old and potential allies grow more suspicious

Free Pass

No one can meet Modi without a Covid-negative test

Bond Elsewhere

It seems with a new Parliament building in the offing, the Central Hall bonhomie will soon be a thing of the past

Bridging the Gap

The question now is who will be the architect of the new Centre-state equation

Treading with Caution

Mamata Banerjee, usually a small eater, is not happy with the diet and the 5 kg she has gained by being confined to the wheelchair

The Mamata Moment

Let there be redemption in the third term

Force Mamata

Did her opponents underestimate her soft power?

The Day of the Final Game Is Coming

Mamata Banerjee cannot take success for granted

Prashant Kishor: The Whiz

What’s next for the artist of elections?


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