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The increasing impossibility of an anti-Modi coalition

Opposition unity remains elusive with Congress hurtling from crisis to crisis as old and potential allies grow more suspicious

27 August 2021
The Pakoda Economy Checks In
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The Pakoda Economy Checks In

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s digital drive and cash transfers are helping the bottom half of the Indian pyramid climb up the economic ladder despite the pandemic

30 July 2021
What Yogi Did Right
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What Yogi Did Right

The Adityanath government has steered Uttar Pradesh away from its reputation as a laggard. From vaccination to ease of doing business, women’s safety to building infrastructure, the state is increasingly leading the way

09 July 2021
Bihar 2020
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Bihar 2020

Nitish Kumar has his image to flaunt and political momentum on his side, thanks to a formidable partnership with the BJP which wants to leave nothing to chance

16 October 2020
The Migrants Come Home
The Migrants Come Home

In the wake of the recent reverse migration, the Centre and key states are taking measures to offer India’s travelling labour force social security and better employability

05 June 2020
The Politics of Infection
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The Politics of Infection

The campaign against the government’s response to the pandemic has borrowed from the playbook of Chinese propaganda but has hit a wall in the trust Narendra Modi enjoys

01 May 2020
Assembly elections: Maharashtra and Haryana
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The Modi spell is intact in Maharashtra but Jat anger tilts the balance in Haryana

25 October 2019
Narendra Modi | May 23, 2019
Verdict 2019
The Meaning of the Mandate

Modi becomes the first Prime Minister since Indira Gandhi to return to power with an absolute majority for his party

24 May 2019
Rahul Gandhi and Amit Shah at Parliament House, December 13
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Rahul Gandhi: A Challenger Is Born

Rahul Gandhi shows he has what it takes

13 December 2018
The Foreign Hand
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Cambridge Analytica: The Foreign Hand

A proposal by the tainted Cambridge Analytica details how it can revive the Congress

29 March 2018


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