Whispers in the Shadow

GN Devy

Is it the end of language as the digital reimagines what it takes to be human?

Mind Your Pandemic Language

To adopt a vocabulary of war is to create division and forego solidarity

Saving Sanskrit

Only serious scholarship can redeem the classical language

The Keezhadi Connection

Were the Tamils the earliest people in India to develop their own script?

The Language of a Simulated Storm

The national language deserves better instead of the periodic barbs of its alleged imposition

Gentle On My Curves

Among the many Englishes

Only quality and not mere numbers count

It’s time we moved from census to consensus and finally, happily, to sense

Asko Parpola, 78, Indologist

Civilisational Fetish

Amitava Kumar: Jargon Slayer

Amitava Kumar tells why he is waging a war on academic and lawyerly writing in his new book

Open Diary

The problem of language in higher education


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