Amit Khanna

Amit Khanna is a writer, filmmaker, media veteran and social commentator

It’s the Ideology, Stupid!
The Age of Exaggeration

The steep price for living in today’s fast-paced world

19 October 2021
India’s Wonder Women
Why India is not a sporting nation?

The ecosystem must support the making of a champion

22 August 2021
Why is Bollywood like this only?
Why is Bollywood like this only?

A deep dive into the structure of Hindi cinema

04 August 2021
The Sharing Quotient

Digital technology has enhanced the concept of give and take

05 April 2021
In a Manner of Speaking

The history and importance of human conversation

05 March 2021
A Portrait of Protest
Protest and Pandemonium

Protests are society’s pressure valve. The problem begins when small-group interests trample upon others’ interests

02 February 2021
Foundation Compass
Foundation Compass

We synthesise our beliefs to suit our way of life

08 January 2021
Breaking News

A glimmer of hope amid media pollution

13 October 2020
Covid Proof

Upping the technology quotient during a pandemic

14 September 2020
Tasty Street

The pandemic may have emptied the food carts but India remains the land where regional palates define diversity

21 August 2020


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