History as Palimpsest

Narayani Basu

Over one hundred scholars map the origins and evolution of India

Language Model

On a gender-just handbook by the Supreme Court

Macaulay’s Orphans

The exaggerated reliance on English

Critical Mass of Urdu Speakers

Urdu’s importance has been declining steadily since a mass of Urdu speakers and writers migrated to Pakistan from northern India and the erstwhile Hyderabad state after Partition

Conversation, Rhetoric and Platitudes

Let us bring back traditional conversation. Face to face.

Hindi Is Not Indian

Lessons from the linguistic choices made by China and Indonesia

The Genius of Word Games

Millions are playing the Wordle every day because it challenges and fulfils

The Mystery of the Indus Valley Language

Could a word for elephant in ancient Mesopotamia be the elusive connect between Harappans and Dravidians?

Word for Word

In appreciation of translators ‘who make the space between languages as small as possible’

How Chingiz Aitmatov found solace, inspiration in India

The legendary author from Kyrgyzstan wrote both in Russian and his local language


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