Language Outreach

Gillian Wright

Urdu claims its rightful place as a voice of the people

Hindi Medium Movie Review

Irrfan Khan is the kind of actor who could bring life, if he chooses, into a film called Russian Medium, set in Saint Petersburg

Open Diary

A visit to Heidelberg | Death of Indology in India

Writing on the Wall

What exactly can you teach students about the grammar of Facebook posts?

India’s Recurring Hindi Bug

Why not impose Tamil? It might be better and safer

Santali: Talking Time

Two tribal villages in Bengal revive the Santali language

Communications: Ajit Narayanan, 35, Founder Invention Labs

“We have translated a pictorial dictionary into speech”

The Tiñosas Over Havana

Without pressure but without pause. That is the slogan of change in Cuba today

Home Alone

There is more to Rajiv Malhotra’s latest book on Sanskrit than the usual Pollock pickle


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