Of Cheeks and Slaps

Siddharth Singh

The conditions under which force may be used against government injustice and what India’s historical experience tells us about resistance

States of Disobedience

Why is it that many Supreme Court rulings go unimplemented in the South?

Art of the Possible

Politics, the perils of democratic systems and the role of institutions

Justice Dipak Misra: Courting Controversy

The travails of Justice Misra are those of a soldier in an age that wants heroes

Lost in Court

The book could have been a valuable intervention in the current judicial debate


The books that politicians write

Corruption Conundrum

A mix of empirical evidence and game theory demonstrate that new laws cannot solve old problems

Travails of Justice

A portrait of the Indian judiciary as a symbol for everything that has gone wrong

Change the Chamber Music

For a Rajya Sabha that truly reflects the interests of the states

Madhav Khosla, Scholar

Going Constitutional


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