Art of the Possible

Ram Madhav

Politics, the perils of democratic systems and the role of institutions

Justice Dipak Misra: Courting Controversy

The travails of Justice Misra are those of a soldier in an age that wants heroes

Lost in Court

The book could have been a valuable intervention in the current judicial debate


The books that politicians write

Corruption Conundrum

A mix of empirical evidence and game theory demonstrate that new laws cannot solve old problems

Travails of Justice

A portrait of the Indian judiciary as a symbol for everything that has gone wrong

Change the Chamber Music

For a Rajya Sabha that truly reflects the interests of the states

Madhav Khosla, Scholar

Going Constitutional

Time for Rejuvenation Therapy

There is a way to end the curse of the backlog

Judicial Proliferation

Having a lot more judges would call for a lot more money


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