The House Supremacy

Siddharth Singh

The Supreme Court makes it clear that there is no judicial route to creating a fundamental right to marriage, same-sex or otherwise. Parliament alone can make laws

A new turn in Amaravati

Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest has put him back in the national spotlight

Modi Factor

The respondents considered Modi a strong and charismatic leader who alone could stand up to a belligerent China and a hostile Pakistan

One Nation, One Civil Law

The Uniform Civil Code will have a liberating effect on the Muslim community. Only the clerics need to fear

Justice KM Joseph: Discordant Notes

He retired less happy than he might have liked for a judge with a long career

Natural Justice

Atiq Ahmed’s death is a wake-up call for those who supported him

Lessons from an Israeli Upheaval

There are parallels but also big differences with the Indian tussle between executive and judiciary

Beyond the Brief

Has the Supreme Court overreached by entering the political debate on the Election Commission and the Adani controversy?

Restoring the Balance

The case for parliamentary sovereignty and judicial boundaries

Courts of Discontent

The law minister’s remarks have been interpreted as crossing a Lakshman rekha. They are hardly that


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