Restoring the Balance

Siddharth Singh

The case for parliamentary sovereignty and judicial boundaries

Courts of Discontent

The law minister’s remarks have been interpreted as crossing a Lakshman rekha. They are hardly that

Instrument of Negotiation

A high court order yet again points at the issues in India’s dowry law

Justice Chandrachud’s Challenge

Striking a balance between competing interests and interpreting the law on the basis of the Constitution will serve the best interests of the court and the nation. Justice Chandrachud is well-versed in the Constitution. Upholding its provisions and true spirit in the face of exaggerated expectations will define his tenure

Gyanvapi : A Victory for the Right to Worship

The Gyanvapi case is an opportunity to think about settling religious disputes out of court

Justice Uday Umesh Lalit: An Institutional Mind

The new Chief Justice of India has a long way to go in a short tenure

The Great Balancer

The evolution of the Indian judiciary as a defender of both people’s rights and the state’s interests

Truth On Trial

On March 18, 1922, Gandhi pleaded guilty and won a moral victory

The Open Society

A welcome question mark on sealed covers by the Supreme Court

Good Riddance for the Second Time

Six years after it was struck down, the draconian Section 66A finally makes a reluctant exit


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