My Way


The story of our struggle for freedom told through the lives of extraordinary and regular men and women

Yes, They Could Have

In the 1980s we tried to use the genetic advantages of Indians of African descent to aim for Olympic medals. The plan was good, but something familiar happened

Resisting the Trade Spaghetti Bowl

The threat to a revival of the Doha Round comes from the US, which may undercut the multilateral regime by making bilateral deals with developing countries

Old Foe Returns

The relationship between Indians and the short-pitched delivery has not improved

Dhoni: Darling to Effigy

Dhoni is now in that familiar place where an Indian cricket captain, inevitably, arrives. That place where his back will slowly transform into a dartboard

Unicultural Indians in Multicultural Australia?

So the scene for Indians is really bad in Australia. But surely there’s something these hapless desis can do to make life easier for themselves

Handling the Dragon

How India should respond to China

Red Storm Rising

Tiananmen is long past. Right now, it’s time to wake up and smell the gunpowder. As the Asian Century unfolds, India must get its act together to prevent its powerful northern neighbour from usurping the country’s future

Enter the Dragon

A Maoist takeover of Nepal could be a much bigger threat to India than a Talibanised Pakistan

A State Gone to Seed

A collection of essays fails to shed new light on an old topic. The focus is on Pakistan, not on the great divide


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