My Love Affair with My Passport

Pallavi Aiyar

It’s about romantic notions rather than bald facts

The Myth of Hindu Pakistan

Salman Rushdie is both right and wrong about India

An Indian August at the UNSC

August was India’s moment in the journey of the UN

Who Are We?

J Sai Deepak’s book heralds the ripening of the Indic civilisational discourse

Shrinking White America

The geopolitical implications of demographic changes in the US

The Rise of Bharat

Redefining nationalism, liberalism and secularism

The Idea of Central Vista

In line with an India that is on the cusp of becoming a Great Power

What Role Can India Play in the Southern Caucasus?

New Delhi is a neutral player and can help ease the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh

The Reluctant Power

How India frittered away gains and opportunities

Delhi’s Dhaka Dilemma

Should South Block be alarmed at Bangladesh’s increasing closeness to China?


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