A Brief History of Wokeism

Madhavankutty Pillai

From a word used to denote awakening against racism, it morphed into an extremist ideology of justice against all majority oppressions, intermittently tasting power in the real world

Is the manufacturing tide shifting away from China?

India can capitalise with focused and forward-looking policy initiatives

Patriots Against the Virus

A global plague, political epidemiology and national histories

An Outsider’s Gaze

A contemporary ethnographic work on isolated tribes that trespasses too often

Between Lives and Livelihoods

The former had to be given priority

Gold Standard

Tokyo Olympics will be a crucial reality check for Indian sports

Maps and Mavericks

A well-rounded and engaging summary of how Imperial Russia and Great Britain tussled over Central Asia

Act of Faith

Why the Partition in the east was kept under wraps for seven decades

An Inclusive Ascent

Unlike the US and China, India is likely to emerge as the world’s first development superpower


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