Points of View

Antara Raghavan

India of the 1800s and 1900s seen through a French and Indian lens

Three Cheers for the Quad

Perhaps the most underplayed agreement in Tokyo is the Indo-Pacific Partnership for Maritime Domain Awareness (IPMDA)

Heavy Mettle

India’s geopolitical options have expanded despite Ukraine

Steven Pinker criticises the Pope over comments on NATO

The Harvard academic adds that India’s future will depend on the strength of its multi-ethnic character

The New World Disorder

A new multipolar structure of autonomous alliances beckons India

Kunal Basu: Our Brave New Worlds

Kunal Basu’s latest novel explores the conflict between different versions of India

My Love Affair with My Passport

It’s about romantic notions rather than bald facts

The Myth of Hindu Pakistan

Salman Rushdie is both right and wrong about India

An Indian August at the UNSC

August was India’s moment in the journey of the UN

Who Are We?

J Sai Deepak’s book heralds the ripening of the Indic civilisational discourse


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