Natural selection

Vijay Soni

The evolutionary benefits of friendship

The evolution of feathers

Plumage did not emerge to help birds fly, but to either attract mates or stay warm

Face value

Our faces evolved because of the millions of years of fistfights our ancestors have been involved in

Expressions and Evolution

Our squinting or widening of eyes are evolutionary tools to help deal with the environment

Microbes and Wasps

Microscopic organisms have altered the course of wasp evolution. And perhaps ours too

Evolution of Species

A new study says there may be more to evolution than survival and changes in the environment

The Evolution of the Human Brain

Over the years, Homo sapiens have come to develop unique brain structures

Origin of the Mutt

A study finds that the modern dog originated from wolves that scavenged human waste dumps

How to Read a Face

Look at the region below the eyes, says a new study. Evolution explains why it works best

Why Are Most People Right-handed?

An evolutionary balance between cooperation and competition decides the ratio of the right- to left-handed


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