The Sangh and Modernity

Ram Madhav

RSS is an idea that is still evolving

Honeycreepers in the Land of Fire

Learning about the evolution of birds


Change is more than an abstraction animated. It is a collection of synonyms for the next point in the grand ellipse of hope

The Origin of Our Fists

Hands evolved not just to build tools and forage for food but also to throw an effective punch

Chimps like their tipple

A study throws light on the evolution of drinking alcohol

Hips Don’t Lie

Men have evolved to prefer curvier posteriors among women because these signify a reproductive advantage

The Evolutionary Basis of Schizophrenia

The ailment is directly linked with the exact genes that make us human


Life stories that map the great Indian arc

Alcohol and Evolution

Our primate ancestors developed an ability to consume alcohol 10 million years ago

Lead, Kindly Light of Reason

The Catholic Church evolves as the Pope acknowledges Evolution


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