Modi and Trump: Vows Renewed

G Parthasarathy

They have added new momentum to India-US ties

Spectacular Diplomacy

India staged a grand show for Trump. And now it will be wise for Delhi to push for a trade deal with Washington

Death of a Shadow Warrior

The afterlife of Qassim Suleimani

An Age of Upheaval and Liberation

A return to the turbulent 1960s at the beginning of a new decade

An Inclusive Ascent

Unlike the US and China, India is likely to emerge as the world’s first development superpower

VK Krishna Menon: The Man Behind the Mystique

Jairam Ramesh casts a new light on VK Krishna Menon

Advantage Gotabaya

Gauging the popular mood in Sri Lanka

The Moralistic Impulse

Do values determine foreign policy?

Cultural Evolution

As Xi Jinping comes calling, a close examination of China’s effort to educate its students and lead well-funded research platforms—from a state that sent poets to jail for subjectivism to Jack Ma’s Alibaba

The Curse of Geography

Cautious pragmatism drives Modi’s foreign policy. A multi-aligned India pursuing omnidirectional cooperation for mutual benefit with key players will be better positioned to advance its security and economic interests


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