War and Pieces

Hormis Tharakan

Steve Coll goes deeper into the debacle in Afghanistan

Open Diary

For warmer ties with Australia and open minds on period cinema

Alyssa Ayres: ‘‘Nothing is guaranteed as India looks to its future’’

Open Conversation with Alyssa Ayres, Senior fellow for India, Pakistan and South Asia, Council on Foreign Relations, US

India-Israel Romance: Anxiety Over the Amity

The India-Israel romance irks the Middle East a bit but it has not damaged India’s interests in the region so far

The MoBi Moment

New Delhi has broken diplomatic taboos by embracing Israel as an intimate partner but it also wants to stay committed to traditional Middle East allies

Aligned but not Allied

India’s foreign policy has changed from a moralist stance to a more pragmatic one

Abe and Mo: A Love Story

The benefits of a bullet-proof partnership

Difficult Choices

There is more to India’s foreign policy than the illusory binary of peace and war

China: The Paper Dragon

A disruptive neighbour like China does not deserve India’s respect

Jaffna: The Haunted and the Hopeful

Jaffna still bears the scars of one of history’s longest and bloodiest guerrilla wars. Aditya Iyer reports from the Sri Lankan city caught between a horrifying memory and a tentative future


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