The Kabul Question

Siddharth Singh

The problem for India is not a loss of opportunities in Afghanistan. It is what Pakistan will do

The Taipei Takeover?

China now has teeth to fulfill its longstanding desire to reunify Taiwan

A Rising India Unnerves the West

Yet it needs Delhi to counter the growth of communist China

India and China: The Incompatibles

Four reasons why India and China are not friends

What Makes Foreign Ministers Tick

From the long-serving Andrei Gromyko to the era-defining Henry Kissinger, it has been a job unlike any other

India-Bangladesh Relations Turn Fifty

Both New Delhi and Dhaka should know that opportunities cannot be frittered away by idiocies and fake news

Portraits of Power

The India-US relationship as a study in leadership

Living With China

New Delhi has a chance to build coalitions of the willing to shape Beijing’s behaviour

Saving Svetlana

When the Americans whisked Stalin’s daughter away from India

Terra Infirma

What still mattered most was how the US and China dealt with each other


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