Three triple roles, big budget masala and horror noir

Madhavankutty Pillai

Will the same old formula with the same old superstar be enough for the same old audience?

Around the world in 80 minutes

India’s avant-garde filmmakers recommend world cinema classics that shaped them


By making poor use of three big stars, Besharam ends up a genre-confused home movie

There’s a Scramble for Screens Out There

The more screens an exhibitor has, the greater its bargaining power with Bollywood

The Alternative World of Rituparno Ghosh

The filmmaker who allowed himself to appear naked on the silver screen

Everything You Know about Tamil Films Is Probably Wrong

The Tamil film industry is an extraordinary place

Life of Pi Theory

Why average novels are fodder for good movies but great books fail on screen

Reading between the Lines

Nandita Das on acting, co-writing, directing, producing and acting along with her husband

Where Bollywood Gets Its Mojo

Why would anyone invest crores in an industry where most ventures bomb? Ask VCs gung-ho on Indian cinema projects

Prisoners of a Dream

Portraits of life imitating old Bollywood in the streets of India


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