Changing Habits

Kaveree Bamzai

Will the brute superstardom of Salman Khan or the swift action by Akshay Kumar be enough to draw audiences to theatres?

The Kiss of Life

Restoring Devika Rani to her rightful place in the history of Indian cinema

Skimming the Cream

With a solitary shoutout on Instagram costing as much as Rs 40 lakh, top stars made money in their version of work from home

Riz Ahmed: ‘You don’t play the drums, you let the drums play you’

Noel de Souza in conversation with Kate Winslet and Riz Ahmed

Who Is the Parasite?

Parasitism is the commonest way of life on earth

All about My Mother

Modernity and tradition face off in an Indie drama set in the Himalayas

Entitled Siblings

The conversation is about meritocracy and not inheritocracy

Magic Mountains

Hindi films and the eternal romance of snow

The Curious Case of Vaani Kapoor

This is precisely what is wrong with Bollywood. It still doesn’t understand that the era of power without accountability is over


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