An Endless Spiral

Smriti Daniel

Two women writers turn an unflinching eye to the lasting fallout of Sri Lanka’s civil conflict

Bringing Back the Queen

AN Wilson’s majestic biography rehabilitates the much misinterpreted Victoria

Fall Fiction

The return of a Latin American literary idol, a Holocaust morality tale, pre-WWI England, stories from the shadowlands, a Victorian saga of closeted lesbians and a gay parallel narrative in seventeenth-century Amsterdam

The New Heroes of MBA Lit

The rise of authors from the IIT/IIM milieu gives Chetan Bhagat’s audience the stories of the homes they adopted and the ones they left behind—in Devanagari

The Booker Shortlist

An art adventure; the American cynic; dystopian love; the Burma Death Railway; a very Bengali tale; and a monkey girl

Turning a new page

It’s transition time in Indian publishing families as a new generation faces a difficult market with daring ideas

7 shades of summer

Madhavankutty Pillai • Gunjeet Sra • Sunaina Kumar • Aastha Atray Banan • Aanchal Bansal • Rajni George • Shaikh Ayaz • Lhendup G Bhutia • and others

The gatherings of the season

From travel and movies to books and food, a collection of all things cool this summer

The replacement thrillers

Who are the new Stieg Larssons? This season’s crime novels are bigger, badder and sometimes better

The man who wrote a poem on a non-meeting

Ranjit Hoskote says anything can be good material for poetry if you can make it work


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